We offer a full range of services to condominium and homeowner associations, including:

corporate representation; collection and foreclosure; covenant enforcement; contract review and enforcement; document amendments; document interpretation; revitalization of governing documents; guidance on service/emotional support animal requests; as well as the many other diverse challenges association's face.


Litigation law refers to the rules and practices involved in resolving disputes in the court system. The term is often associated with tort cases, but litigation can come about in all kinds of cases such a debt collection matters, breach of contract, easement and boundary line disputes. Likewise, most people think of litigation as synonymous with trial work, but the litigation process begins long before the first witness is called to testify. Our practice offers a unique blend of transactional experience, civil litigation and civil trial work. We have the knowledge and experience to begin working and formulating a strategy for your case long before the first witness ever steps foot in the courtroom.


We handle a wide variety of business law related matters, such as corporate formation, contract review, serving as General Counsel, and handling various business related disputes. We have experience representing a wide variety of businesses such as government contactors, not-for-profit corporations, veterinary clinics, etc.  It is our goal to allow clients to efficiently address legal challenges so they can focus on getting back to business.


Many debt collectors engage in harassing and abusive tactics. Federal and state laws regulate debt collection practices and prohibit certain activities. There are statutory penalties for those debt collectors who do not comply with these regulations. If you have been the victim of an abusive debt collector, contact our office for an intial case evaluation.


Guardianship is becoming more important in today's society. A guardianship may be necessary when someone becomes incapacitated and is no longer able to manage part, or all, of their affairs, or for a disabled child who will soon reach 18 years of age. We have hands on experience representing a family member with a loved one who has become incapacitated due to age, accident and mental illness.  From preparing the Petition to Determine Incapacity to preparing annual accountings, it is our pleasure to support you as you care for a person with very special needs.

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