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Community Association Law Attorney in Tampa, Florida

We offer a full range of services to condominium associations, property associations, homeowner associations, and cooperatives including general corporate counsel and guidance;  representation in litigation matters in state and federal courts and before administrative tribunals; collection and foreclosure; covenant enforcement; contract review and enforcement; document amendments; document interpretation; revitalization of governing documents; guidance on Fair Housing and ADA laws; insurance coverage and subrogation disputes; official records inspections; elections;  Board of Director recalls; as well as the many other diverse legal challenges association's face. 

We proudly serve Community Associations in the Tampa Bay Area including Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and Polk. 

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What Is Community Association Law?

A community association is a nongovernmental association of participating members of a residential, nonresidential or mixed-use community – such as a condominium, village, neighborhood, cooperative or group of owners.

Purpose of Community Associations

Some of the functions of community associations include:

· Maintaining common areas of the community, such as green spaces, amenities, and community buildings.

· Assessing and collecting fees to help pay for the upkeep of the community.

· Enforcement of the governing documents, rules and regulations.

· Provide services for homeowners and residents.

· Provide amenities and social activities to develop a sense of community.

· Enhance the condition of the community.

Our Community Association Law Services

At Prasse-Anderson Law, we are committed to offering a wide range of legal services to community associations, including, but not limited to:

Corporate Representation

Compliance with the governing documents and applicable laws is crucial. We will help to guide you through this complex landscape.

Covenant Enforcement

Also, we will help implement the community's covenants and take action when members refuse to comply

Contract Reviews and Enforcement

Our legal team can assist associations at every stage of the contract, including drafting, reviewing, negotiating, amending, and enforcement.

Collections of Assessments and other Sums Owed

In addition, we can help you enforce and collect assessments, special assessments and other sums owed, and take legal action, when appropriate.

Foreclosure of Property

Failure of a member to pay assessments and fees may result in foreclosure. Our reliable team can handle every step involved in the foreclosure diligently, legally, and efficiently.

Service & Emotional Support Animals

We will advise you on Fair Housing laws and provide guidance as they pertain to service and emotional support animals.

Amendment, Preservation and Revitalization of Governing Documents

Furthermore, our skilled lawyer can help review and update your governing documents, preserve your documents, and submit the newly revitalized documents to the right agency or state department.

This is not a comprehensive list, and there are still several other types of community association law services that we offer.

Common Disputes

Here are some common causes of disputes between members and the homeowners' association:

· Failure to pay assessments

· Noise complaints

· Violating use restrictions

· Illegal parking

· Excessive barking by pets

· Violating pet policy

· Visual nuisances

· Inadequate property maintenance

· Failure to maintain property

A trusted attorney can represent the community association diligently, help resolve the dispute amicably, or take necessary legal action against the non-compliant homeowner or member.

Why a Community Association Attorney Is Important

Every deed-restricted community is unique in its character and restrictions. Your association attorney will guide you to navigate the complex legal landscape to ensure compliance with the governing documents and various state and federal laws. An experienced community association law attorney will work diligently with the board members to help put and keep the association on a successful path.

At Prasse-Anderson Law, we have the experience and knowledge to advise board members of community associations across a wide spectrum of legal matters. We will collaborate with your Board to protect your association’s

interests so your Board may focus on your community’s continued growth and development.

Community Association Law Attorney in Tampa, Florida

Contact Prasse-Anderson Law today to schedule a simple consultation. We can offer you the experienced legal guidance and reliable advocacy you need to make confident decisions.

We are proud to serve clients across Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding areas, including Pasco and Pinellas.

Community Association Law Attorney in Tampa, Florida 

If you want to know the legal services provided to community associations, contact us at Prasse-Anderson Law today to schedule a simple consultation. Our practiced attorney can offer you the experienced legal guidance and reliable advocacy you need to make confident decisions. We're proud to serve clients across Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding areas, including Pasco and Pinellas.